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How to Export Highlights From Kindle's Internal Storage Written on . Posted in Info.

How to Export Highlights From Kindle's Internal Storage

All the highlights and notes you've made on your kindle are saved on your Kindle's internal memory in a file named "My Clippings.txt".

All the Kindle devices contain this file, right from the first generation (not kindle apps)

Follow these steps to export highlights from your Kindle and onto your computer:

  1. Connect your device to your PC or Mac using the USB cable provided
  2. Open Finder (Mac OS) or the File Explorer (Windows) and find the "Kindle" device connected
  3. Go in, and find a directory named "documents"
  4. In this folder, search for a file named "My Clippings.txt"

my clippings.txt

This is the file where all your notes and highlights sit.

kindle highlights file
Kindle highlights file

You can copy highlights out of this file into your favourite note-taking app, or alternatively, create a free account and upload it on where all your notes are easily accessible and more organised. dashboard screenshot's dashboard