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How can help you retain more of what you read Written on . Posted in Info.

How can help you retain more of what you read

There are well-known reasons why reading helps - not only in learning new things but also in exercising our mental muscles, discovering the world, improving vocabulary, expanding our imagination and creativity.

It's also important that we retain more of what we read, so what we learn stays with us long after we have finished reading it. There's a wealth of knowledge out there, some more relevant and important to each of us. Effective note-taking, highlighting, and reflecting on the content are some of the methods that help us remember & apply what we read.

And if you use Amazon's Kindle device to primarily consume books, it's easy for you to highlight and take notes as you read, besides other features that it offers.

amazon kindle highlights
Kindle highlights

I purchased my first Kindle device years back, it has always been with me wherever I go. It is the best investment I have made. Ever.

And just for the pure ease of being able to carry hundreds of books in your backpack, I choose Kindle as my primary reading device.

The more you read, the more you want to read, and it opens up interesting connections. I have always taken notes, highlighted passages that interest me so that I can revisit them at a later point. I also find it very effective to go back and re-read books. But let's admit it, not everyone (including me) has the time to go back to re-read entire books again and again. And I find note-taking and highlighting very effective.

When I revisit my highlights, of suppose, a book that I read a few years back, I am able to revisit the book and also interpret it in new ways.

As a Kindle user, I discovered revisiting your highlights isn't very efficient on the device itself. It's clumsy. I tried to find ways to overcome this issue.

Of course, you could always go to Amazon's Kindle cloud reader to view, manage and add notes to your old highlights. This is a good solution, but it again starts to pile up the more highlights you have. And there is no effective way to revisit them. 

There are other products out there, some not working and some paid & good, but with more features than I need. That's when I decided to build a small web application for myself and fellow Kindle users. is a simple web app that helps you view all your highlights in one place, and resurface them on your email (as Daily Digest emails) or to your telegram account.